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Display payment status

View the payments and their statuses.

You can review the payment status for a transaction by reviewing your orders in the shop plugin.

View your order details

The order number in the store is the same as in Unzer Insights. The Order View > Comments History displays the progress of the payment process.
You can view the order for a payment, such as a credit card payment in the following example:

order view

As displayed, the order was created and set to the status Ready to Capture because it was processed as an authorization. When the invoice is created, the reserved amount is debited and the order is set to Processing.

The UniqueId and ShortId are listed here for the initial transactions.
Please provide us with this information for further support.

Review the order status

The order status indicates if an the order is in process. In the following example, we can see the Magento 2 process and the new status Ready to Capture, which is automatically added to your store when the module is installed.

Because the order status in Magento 2 is not suitable for displaying the payment status, make sure that the invoice for an order is marked as paid to confirm if the payment was successful.

You can also review all the invoices by selecting Sales > Invoices and filter for open.

invoice list

Partial payments for example, invoice payments are not recorded in the Order Totals overview. You can find this in your Unzer Insights account.

List of available statuses

PendingIndicates the initial status of a new order. If there are delays during the status synchronization between Unzer / heidelpay and the payment provider, for example PayPal, the orders may remain in this status initially and notification of success or error during the payment process reaches the store later.
Payment ReviewThis is used for invoice payments after the goods have been shipped. The order remains in this status until the payment is complete. The store will be notified via webhook event when that happens.

This status is also applied if the customer has overpaid.
Ready to CaptureIndicates that an authorization was successful, and the amount can be captured. To do this, you can find more at charge after authorization
ProcessingIndicates that the shipment of the goods can be initiated.
CancelledIndicates that the payment was cancelled after the order was created. This can happen if for example an order is first created with the status Pending Payment and then a third-party system such as PayPal and Sofort reports that the payment was not successful (ref. Pending status).
CompleteIndicates that payment has been received, and the order has been shipped.
ClosedIndicates that that an order has been fully refunded.
Suspected FraudIndicates that status is set for a chargeback takes place. Please contact our support team to handle this situation.

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