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Manage transactions

Manage transactions in your Magento 2 shop plugin.

Once you have configured the plugin and set up your payment methods, you can start accepting payments. You can also manage the payment in Unzer Insights. Go to Unzer Payment > Order detail.

Capture a payment (Charge)

Charge—also known as capture—collects a previously authorized amount. It is available for Card and PayPal payment types, if the Booking Mode is set to Authorize.

Currently, only one full capture is supported.

To charge a payment:

  1. Open the relevant order in Sales > Orders where the Ready to Capture status is available. sales order
  2. Now select Invoice from the top menu and scroll down to the bottom of the page. create invoice
  3. In the dropdown menu, select Capture Online > Submit Invoice. submit invoice

Magento 2 then generates an invoice, which is available in the shop backend, in Invoices. The invoice is marked as Paid and the order status changes to Processing. The order is now ready for shipping. invoice created
A credit card charge (in our example) for the order is now visible in Unzer Insights.

Unzer Invoice (Paylater) payment flow

Follow the payment-method specific requirements for Magento 2.

  1. In the shop back end, go to SALES > Orders. You can view your list of orders.
    Order list
  2. Select View to view the order details.
    Order overview
  3. In the detailed order view, select Invoice > Capture Online, and then select Submit Invoice to send the charge call.
    Submit order

This will activate the charge call for the transaction.

If you select Void, only the payment is canceled, the order is not canceled. If you select Cancel, both the payment and the order are canceled.

Credit memo (Unzer Invoice (Paylater))

A Credit Memo result in a reversal if the customer has not paid yet. If the customer has paid already, a refund will be done as usual. Attention: In case of a partial credit memo in the shop back end the plugin will prioritize reversal of open amounts over refunding.

  1. In the ORDER VIEW, select Invoices.
  2. Select the invoice to View the details.
  3. Select Credit Memo in the top menu.
  4. (Optional) Enter the quantity to refund, select Update Qty’s and then Update Totals.
  5. Select Refund.
    Refund online

[Deprecated] Invoice Secured payment workflow

Invoice Secured method differs from most other payment methods for some specific steps. The most significant differences are the shipment process and the credit memo behaviour as described in the following sections.

Ship (Invoice Secured specific)

To activate the insurance for secured invoice, the payment must be finalized by shipping the goods. To charge the payment:

Your invoice payments are paid out only if you send a shipping transaction.

  1. Open the order, which should have the status Processing.
    processing order
  2. From the top menu, select Ship.
    select ship
  3. Then scroll down and select Submit Shipment.
    submit shipment

Magento creates a shipment note for the order and changes the status to Complete. You can review the finalization in Unzer Insights.
shipment created

Credit Memo (Invoice Secured specific)

The shop invoice will be set to paid after a successful shipment, since the payment is ensured by Unzer after that point.

A Credit Memo will then result in a reversal if the customer has not paid yet. If the customer has paid already a refund will be done as usual. That way also partial reversal is possible. Attention: In case of a partial credit memo via shop backend the plugin will prioritize reversal of open amounts over refunding.

Refund an invoice (Cancel after payment)

You can refund an invoice only if it has a corresponding invoice. If you directly refund an invoice, it is done offline and hence no transaction is triggered. Therefore, no money is credited to the customer.

To refund an invoice:

  1. Open the order that you want to refund, and go to the Invoices tab.
    view invoice
  2. Select the invoice, that has the status paid and select Credit Memo. Here you can set which products should be refunded (Qty to Refund).
  3. Select Update Qty’s and the amount to be refunded is calculated automatically.
    set refund amounts

The Refund triggers the credit memo and the process is completed.
confirm refund

Reverse a payment (Cancel an authorization)

If only partial payment was made for an invoice payment, it is not shown in the Magento 2 invoice. The order is marked paid only when the payment is complete. If a part of the order is returned, the balance must be cancelled through Unzer Insights. This changes the status of the order in Unzer Insights to paid, and the store is notified. The status of the invoice in your store is set to paid.

Now you can make an Offline Refund in the store to correct the order in the store accordingly. As it is not possible to clearly identify which item was returned, this can not happen automatically.

A reversal of partial amounts is currently not supported for authorizations.

Reverse full amount

The unpaid reserved amounts are automatically released when the order is cancelled.
This cancels the complete payment and the order. This function is only available before shipping, if an amount is reserved but the invoice is not yet marked as paid.

To cancel the reserved amount:

  1. Select the order that you want to reverse and then Void.
    void order
  2. In the confirm window, select OK.
    confirm void

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