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The API reference is now available here.
The deprecated API reference is available here.


Check payment details

Check the status, amounts, resources, and transactions related to a payment.

When you make a charge, authorize or payout call, the Unzer system creates a unique payment resource. This resource contains all the information about the payment, giving you a good overview of its state.

Information included in the payment resource:

  • payment state
  • payment amounts and currency
  • details of all transactions linked to the payment
  • additional resources linked to the payment: customers, baskets, metadata
Unzer Insights
You can also check a payment’s details through the Unzer Insights platform.

Check payment details

To check payment details, call the Unzer.fetchPayment method, that makes a GET call to the dedicated /payments endpoint. As parameter, add the payment ID (paymentId):

Unzer unzer = new Unzer("s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx");
Payment payment = unzer.fetchPayment("s-pay-1");
Using your order ID to fetch a payment is only possible if you added it in your charge/authorize call when doing the payment.

On success, a Payment object is returned containing the response data from the Unzer API. For more details on the response example, see the payment response.

See also

  • To learn more about the Payment resource, see the API reference.
  • To learn more about the possible payment states and payment state flow, see the Payment states.