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The API reference is now available here.
The deprecated API reference is available here.


Manage resources with Java SDK

Learn about Unzer API resources exposed via Java SDK.

Learn more about the Unzer Java SDK calls, in-depth explanation, code examples, and use cases. You can use this together with one of the integration guides to complete your payment methods integration.

Authorize a payment
Reserve money on the customer’s account.

Cancel an authorization (reversal)
Release reservation on the customer’s account.

Charge a payment
Transfer money form the customer to the merchant.

Cancel a charge (refund)
Transfer money back from the merchant to the customer.

Confirm shipment
Confirm shipping your goods to the customer and activate the insurance.

Manage basket
Submit product information within your payment.

Manage customer
Submit customer information within your payment.

Manage metadata
Submit additional information for a transaction.

Recurring payments
Enable recurring payments.

Create a payout
Send money to your customer for payout transactions.

Check payment details
Check the status, amounts, resources, and transactions related to a payment.

Create Payment Page
Learn how to create and use a Payment Page.

Create Linkpay Page
Learn how to create and use a Linkpay Page.