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Fetch an error object

Learn how to fetch error objects.

If an API request results in an error, details about the problem are sent in the response with the error object.

You can retrieve each error that you received in the past, calling /errors endpoint with the error id.

  "id" : "p-err-85a6611365354a94ab55682d7c5",
  "isSuccess" : false,
  "isPending" : false,
  "isError" : true,
  "url" : "",
  "timestamp" : "2019-10-02 08:40:51",
  "traceId": "bf4ce634575d479eaaac4e6ad436d95d",
  "errors" : [ {
    "code" : "COR.800.400.205",
    "customerMessage" : "Your payment was rejected. Please use another payment method.",
    "merchantMessage" : "Geographical Check - GeographicBinIp: NOT PASSED (Countries= address: DE ip: US bin: CZ",
  } ]

This is a convenient way to search back the errors which happen in the background.

Check Error handling page to learn more about API errors.