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Authorize a payment

Reserve money on the customer’s account.


The authorization call verifies payment details and checks for sufficient funds on the customer account. If the check is successful, the funds are reserved for at least 7 days. If the authorization is not debited within this period, the authorization expires and the amount is released.

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The authorization does not trigger a debit transaction. It only reserves the amount for the customer’s payment type. To execute money transfer you have to perform a charge after authorization.

This transaction is possible for selected payment methods only. For more details, see Payment methods.


Authorization is triggered by calling payments/authorize endpoint.

  "amount" : "100.00",
  "currency" : "EUR",
  "returnUrl": "",
  "resources" : {
    "customerId" : "s-cst-3a0daffe47cb",
    "typeId" : "`s-crd-fm7tifzkqewy"
floatThe authorization amount.
stringThe authorization currency, in the ISO 4217 alpha-3 format (for example, EUR)
stringRequired for redirect payments and credit card payments if 3-D Secure is used (for example,
customerIdstringThe ID of the customers resource to be used (for example, s-cst-3a0daffe47cb)
typeId (required)stringThe ID of the payment type resource to be used (for example, s-crd-fm7tifzkqewy)

An authorize call returns a payment ID 1 (s-pay-1) and the authorization ID 1 (s-aut-1) because only one authorization per payment is possible.

    "id": "s-aut-1",
    "isSuccess": true,
    "isPending": false,
    "isError": false,
    "message": {
        "code": "COR.000.100.112",
        "customer": "Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Connector Test Mode'"
    "amount": "100.0000",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "returnUrl": "",
    "paymentReference": "Test authorize transaction",
    "date": "2018-09-13 19:41:49",
    "resources": {
        "customerId": "s-cst-3a0daffe47cb",
        "basketId": "",
        "paymentId": "s-pay-1",
        "metadataId": "",
        "traceId": "bf4ce634575d479eaaac4e6ad436d95d",
        "typeId": "s-crd-fm7tifzkqewy"
    "processing": {
        "uniqueId": "31HA07BC8179DC97ADB6249F09E3BBBE",
        "shortId": "4007.9410.9870",
        "3dsecure": false // only for the card payment method

The parameters isSuccess, isPending, isError indicate the result of the transaction. Only one of these three can be true.

Status parameterDescription
isSuccessThe authorize call was executed successfully.
isPendingThe customer must be forwarded to the redirectUrl so that the payment can be completed. The payment method determines whether an authorize call can enter the pending state.
isErrorSomething went wrong. message.merchant contains more information about the problem.
idstringThe authorization’s unique ID.
isSuccessbooleanIf the transaction was successful, the value is set to true.
isPendingbooleanIf the transaction is pending, the value is set to true, for example, if a redirect to an external system is required.
isErrorbooleanIf an error occurs, this value is set to true.
redirectUrlstringIf the customer’s confirmation is required, a redirect URL will be returned. Customer needs to be redirected to this URL and proceed with the confirmation.
message.codestringA 9-digit code returned with every API call.
message.customerstringResponse message for your customer translated into the customer language.
message.merchantstringResponse message for you. This message appears always in English.
amountstringThe amount to be authorized on the specified account. The amount is rounded depending on the respective currency.
currencystring(3)ISO currency code: For a list of possible codes, see Amounts and Currencies.
returnUrlstringThe URL the customer will be redirected to after a transaction.
paymentReferencestringThe description of the transaction.
datedateTimestamp of this transaction.
resources.customerIdstringCustomer ID used for this transaction.
resource.basketIdstringThe basket ID used for this transaction.
resource.metadataIdstringThe metadata ID used for this transaction.
resources.paymentIdstringID of the payment.
resources.traceIdstringThe unique traceId of the transaction. Used for internal API purposes.
resources.typeIdstringID of the types Resource that is to be used for this transaction.
processing.uniqueIdstringUnique ID of the payment system used.
processing.shortIdstringThe reference ID of the payment system.
processing.3dsecurebooleanIndicates a 3DS transaction (card payment type only).

For a full description of the Authorize call, see the API reference guide.

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