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Payment states

Learn more about the various payment states.


Payment resource contains information about the current payment state. You can fetch the payment resource to check it.

    "id": "s-pay-1",
    "state": {
        "id": 3,
        "name": "partly"

The following payment states are possible:

ID State Description
0 Pending An authorization or charge has been initiated and some additional actions are required. For instance the customer has been redirected to a third-party payment system to authenticate and finalize the payment there.
1 Completed A payment has been completed successfully. The total amount and the charged amount are equal. If you refund an overpaid amount, the status is completed as well.
2 Canceled A payment has been reversed or refunded completely. If you cancel the entire authorization, the total amount is reduced to 0 and the status is canceled. If all charges are refunded, the status is canceled as well.
3 Partly The total amount was charged partially.
4 Payment review The payment must be checked, to verify if the customer has overpaid.
5 Chargeback A chargeback happened here and the amount has been transferred back to the customer’s bank account.
6 Create A payment page has been initiated.

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