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Unzer API basics

The Unzer API connects your business to the Unzer payment infrastructure.


The Unzer API is based on the representational state transfer (REST) architectural style. Exposed API resources can be manipulated using HTTP methods. Request to a resource URL generate a response with JSON payload containing detailed information about the requested resource. You can receive notifications about API state changes using webhooks and HTTP response codes are used to indicate API errors. The API uses HTTP basic authentication over HTTPS, with your API key serving as a username.

Basic requirements

To learn more about basic requirements, see Basic integration requirements.

Base URL

Unzer API URL is

Sandbox environment

We provide a sandbox in which you can make calls to test your integration. This is done using your test API keys. Requests made with test credentials never affect real payment networks and are never billed. To learn more about testing, see Get a test account.

API versioning

The current version of the Unzer API is: 1.0<VERSION_NUMBER>/<path-to-resource><VERSION_NUMBER>/<path-to-resource>

When we release a new API version with backward-incompatible changes, we keep the previous API versions available.

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