Quick reference

Get a single-glance overview of the Unzer API.

From the quick reference, you can navigate to details on how to use the Unzer API.

Basic URL

The main URL for the Unzer API is:



To authenticate your requests to the Unzer API, use your API keys.

For details on authentication, go to Authentication.
For details on how to get your Unzer API credentials, go to Get credentials.


You can integrate the Unzer API into the following environments:


You can find all available endpoints in the Unzer API reference.

Webhook events and notifications

You can check what webhook events the Unzer API supports in the Error codes reference.

For details on managing webhook events, go to Webhooks.
For details on notifications about any changes related to your payments, go to Notifications.

Testing environment

You can use ready-to-use data to test the following payment methods:

You can also use customer test data:

Payment methods

You can accept the following payments:

Error codes

You can check what the client and the server error codes mean in the Error codes reference.

For details on handling errors, go to Error handling.