Important information

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FAQs and known issues

Check your integration against the list below to make sure it’s complete.


Can I submit the Shopware 6 order number to the Unzer payment system?

No, you cannot submit the Shopware 6 order number to Unzer the payment system because:

  • The order number for Shopware 6 is a not a unique identifier for an order within shopware 6. For one Shopware order number, there can be several payment attempts. For each payment attempt, a unique order number should be submitted to the Unzer payment systems. Therefore, you cannot use Shopware 6’s order number as an unique identifier for your payment.
  • The Unzer Payment Plugin for Shopware 6 submits a Shopware 6-generated unique combination of numbers and letters to Unzer the payment system, that you can find in your admin overview table as Unzer Transaction ID. In Unzer Insights, it is called as the Order number and in your Unzer Invoice (ETN) as the Order number.

Where can I find the payment data for customers for invoice and prepayment payment methods?

From version 4.0.0 and above

You can find this information in the order_transactions table within the custom_fields column as JSON formated string at index unzer_payment_transfer_info. See also Customize the plugin

Until version 3.2.1

You can find this information in the unzer_payment_transfer_info table within Shopware 6’s field. You will find the following fields for invoices within this table.

IBANThe 16-digit account number for the specific customer bank account
BICThe unique 8 or 11 alphanumeric identifier for the customer’s bank
HolderThe account holder of the bank account
DescriptorThe purpose of the transaction (formerly known as Short-Id)
AmountThe total amount the customer has to pay

Known issues

Bugs in plugin version 3.2.0 after declined transactions


After a declined transaction for Invoice Secured or Sofort, the customer gets redirected to a failure page instead of the checkout-success page with an error message of the plugin. You can also find an entry in plugin log file like:

plugin_unzer_payment.ERROR: Catched an API exception in UnzerPayment6\Components\PaymentHandler\UnzerInvoiceSecuredPaymentHandler::pay


You must install the plugin version 3.2.1, where this issue is fixed.