Important information

The API reference is now available here.
The deprecated API reference is available here.


Customize the plugin

Customize the Shopware 5 plugin to suit your unique business requirements.

Before you begin

Set your language preferences for payment methods

The Unzer plugin for Shopware 6 provides the text snippets in German and English. These are stored in the UnzerPayment namespace.

To add a new language for your customers,

  1. Sign in to your shop and select Settings > Shop > Snippets.
  2. Select Add snippet set, type the name identifying the locale you want to add, and select the base file you want to use to create the new snippet.
    Admin snippet management
  3. Select Save.
  4. Select and then Edit to modify the snippets to the text you want to show to the customer, and then click Save.

Payment data texts for invoice and prepayment payments

The plugin automatically modifies the checkout success page and adds the data for the end customer’s payment. Also on the PDF invoice generated by Shopware, the data for the payment will be added automatically.

It is not possible to add the end customer payment data to the order confirmation email. Shopware 6 sends this email before the payment is completed.

(For agencies) Register the payment data for subscriptions

The references to stored payment data of the end customers are available in the unzer_payment_payment_device table. The payment type ID column (type_id) is used for recurring payments, for example, subscriptions or re-using a payment type the buyer previously paid with.

In case of the second use-case mentioned above, the plugin will prohibit using a previously used payment type in case the shipping address has changed.

(For agencies) Descriptor data for pay later payment methods

For pay later payment methods like invoice or prepayment, you can find information for money transfer in the custom fields of the order_transactions table, in the unzer_payment_transfer_info key. You can use this data for printing invoices using external systems for your Shopware 6 application.

Store the log files

You can find the log files of the plugin in the following location on your server \[StoreRoot]/var/log/.
A new file is created each day with the following name file name structure: plugin_unzer_payment_prod_YYYY-MM-DD.log

Displaying log files in the admin mode is not supported.

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