Shopware 5 (CD Edition)

Use Shopware 5 plugin to manage your online shop.

Shopware 5 is an eCommerce solution that helps small to large businesses to quickly build and customize their online shops. It is an open-source platform with a free redistributable license that can be fully customized to your needs. The Unzer plugin for Shopware 5 (CD-Edition) is easy to install and ready to use without any downtime.

  • The Shopware 5 CD-Edition plugin is not connecting to the current Payment API but to the generation before (NGW) which is slowly phased out.
  • Support for Shopware 5 CD Edition plugin will end on June 2022. No new releases are planned after mid of 2021.
  • For more on migrating from Shopware 5 CD-Edition, see Migrate from Shopware 5 CD-Edition to Shopware 5 .


  • Easily customizable front end with little or no programming knowledge.
  • Short time-to-market
  • Open source code for your own unique requirements

Build your integration

Install & configure Unzer Plugin for Shopware 5 to accept online payments.

Step 1: Generate your API keys

Step 2: Install the shop plugin

Step 3: Customize the plugin

Step 4: Set up the payment methods

Step 5: Manage transactions in the shop backend

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