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Learn about OXID 6 plugin and how to integrate it in your shop system.

OXID 6 is a customizable, ecommerce platform developed in Germany. You can add the OXID 6 plugin of Unzer to many OXID versions
and set up a new payment methods in minutes.

We work directly with OXID to bring you the best integration of Unzer payments to your OXID shop.


  • Theme based customizable front end.
  • Out-of-the-box features that can be used immediately.
  • Developed by shop developers
  • Supported by Unzer and OXID experts

Build your integration

Step 1: Install the plugin
Step 2: Customize the plugin
Step 3: Set up your payment methods
Step 4: Manage transactions in the shop back end

For a detailed overview about versions, see the OXID’s plugin store.

See also

To learn more about OXID, you can also read the OXID documentation.