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Set up your payment methods

Set up the payment methods that you want to offer to your customers.

To accept payments, you have to configure the payment methods, which you’ve contractually agreed to with Unzer.

Before you begin

Configure payment methods

Individual Payment Method Settings

Now you can configure the individual payment methods. Expand the payment method that you want to configure. The options available vary for each payment method. For example, for card payment method, it can contain the following details.

payment config

Field name Description
Enabled Set this to Yes to offer it to your customers at the time of checkout. This activates the respective payment method in the store.
Title Enter the name of the payment method as it is displayed in the store and in emails.
For multiple Store Views with different languages, you can use this field to translate the payment type names.
The default value will be automatically translated to German if the store uses a German locale.
And translation files can be used to change/add translations.
Booking Mode Configure the booking mode for the payment methods Credit cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal.
Available modes are:

Debit (Direct Charge)
The order amount is charged immediately.

The order amount is reserved at first and captured later when the invoice is created.
Sort Order Enter the order in which payment methods are displayed in the store.
Minimum Order Total Enter the amount that your customers order for the payment method if the order total is in this range. To deactivate a limit, set 0 value.
Maximum Order Total Enter the maximum amount that your customers can select the payment method if the order total is in this range. To deactivate a limit, set 0 value.
Merchant Name This determines the merchant name displayed in the direct debit mandate for the respective payment method.

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