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The API reference is now available here.
The deprecated API reference is available here.


Customize the plugin

Customize the Magento 2 plugin to suit your unique business requirements.

As an agency or developer, you can customize the plugin according to your requirements.

Before you begin

Install the Plugin

Using stores without SSL

The plugin generates URLs for redirects to the store and webhooks so that your store can be informed about the status of the payment. These URLs are forced in a secure environment. The store URLs are always directed to payment with https:// prefix.

If your store does not use SSL, a reply from the payment cannot be forwarded to your store.

However, if you want to make payments on a test system for example, you can rewrite the HTTPS URLs so that the URLs are always with http:// prefix.

  1. Switch to the admin mode of the store using Stores > Configuration.
  2. Go to GENERAL > Web, select Base URLs, and change the setting Secure Base URL from https to http.
  3. Select Save Config and then empty the cache.


Now you are also able to use the Unzer plugin in an HTTP environment.

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We do not recommend doing this in Live mode and advise the integration of SSL/HTTPS.

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