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Migrate from Shopware 5 CD Edition to Shopware 5

Migrate from Shopware 5 CD Edition to Shopware 5.


If you are using the UnzerPayment plugin for Shopware 5 and want to migrate to the latest version, follow the steps as described in this section.

In the Shopware 5 backend, go Software update and check if the plugin version is compatible. There’s an exclamation mark meaning that plugin is not compatible with Shopware version.

Shopware update manager


  • Deactivate all the CD-Edition payment methods
  • You’ve installed the Shopware 5 plugin
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After you delete the Shopware 5 CD Edition plugin, you can only perform refunds and reversals in Unzer Insights.

Step 1: Back up your data

To back up your database tables,

  1. With the database tool of your choice, select the table s_core_paymentmeans (in this example PhpMyAdmin is the database tool).
  2. Run the export functionality. Database data
  3. Select the Export Method as Quick - display only the minimal options and Format as SQL. Database export
  4. Store the generated file as a backup.

Edit the data that you exported

Open the file that you exported within a text editor. You can delete everything from the file except for the INSERT commands. Also delete the rows for the payment methods that you were not using earlier. In our example, we are using the following old payment methods:

  • CD-Edition Kreditkarte
  • CD-Edition Direct debit
  • CD-Edition Invoice secured
  • CD-Edition PayPal

Database file edited

In another example, everything that is highlighted in red, can be deleted from the SQL export file.

Database file of export

Please be aware, that MySql syntax is correct after your edit. A MySql statement closes with a semicolon for example.

Step 2: Delete the Shopware 5 CD-Edition plugin

Go to your Shopware 5 back end Configuration > Plugin manager > Installed, and select Pencil icon in the right of the plugin name. After clicking the Pencil icon button, the plugin configuration window opens.

Plugin dialog

You can now Deactivate and then Uninstall the CD-Edition Plugin. The cache is automatically cleared. A window to compile the themes will be displayed each time. Acknowledge that and compile your shop’s themes.

Now you can delete CD Edition Plugin by clicking the trash icon icon.

Delete plugin

Result of deleting CD Edition plugin

The Orders overview (Customers → Orders) now contains numbers or IDs instead of payment method names for the orders, that were paid with CD Edition payment methods.

Also, the detailed order view, that you can open by clicking the Pencil icon icon, no longer displays the detail view.

Step 3: Add payment method names into database

Go to your database tool to table s_core_paymentmeans table. Import from your backup file from Step 1. In this example, we are using PHP MyAdmin for database access.

To import the file, select Import > Browse your computer.

Database import

After the import by choosing go button, go back to your Shopware back end, and clear the caches.

Result of database table import

Now you can see payment method names of old CD Edition payment methods. The order detail view also can be opened by choosing the Pencil icon icon.

Shopware order overview

(optional) Step 4: Update the Shopware system

After deleting the CD Edition plugin from your Shopware 5 System, you can run the update routine to update your Shopware system 5.6.10 to its later versions with Shopware 5 Plugin.