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Set up your payment methods

Set up the payment methods that you want to offer to your customers.

Before you begin

Step 1: Configure your payment methods in JTL Shop

To configure each payment method, sign in to your admin account, and go to Storefront > Zahlungsarten > Übersicht.

For Unzer Flexipay Installment (Hire purchase), you must also enter the interest rate.

Effektiver Zinssatz (in %)Specifies the effective interest rate of the monthly installment payments. The value is bound to your merchant configuration.

Example: 5.99

Step 2: Assign shipping methods

To assign the payment methods to the desired shipping methods/countries, go to Storefront > Kaufabwicklung > Versandarten and update the details.

To check which payment methods are supported in each country, go to Payment methods.

Shipping method configuration

Step 3: Set up JTL-WAWI for the plugin

You have to set up your JTL WaWi for the JTL plugin.

1. Configure the payment methods in JTL WaWi

  1. Go to Zahlungen > Zahlungsarten.
  2. Create the payment methods, that you want to use
    • Alipay
    • Unzer Direktüberweisung
    • EPS
    • [Deprecated] Giropay
    • iDEAL
    • Kreditkarte
    • Unzer Lastschrift
    • PayPal
    • Przelewy24
    • Unzer Ratenkauf
    • Unzer Rechnung
    • SOFORT
    • Unzer Vorkasse
    • WeChat Pay
      The payment methods must correspond to the Anzeigenamen in the JTL store. So, if you change the displayed name, also translate for other languages, and update here as well.
  3. Select the Auslieferung vor Zahlungseingang möglich for the payment method Unzer Rechnung. This is necessary because the payment methods can be activated only during shipping.

Payment methods in JTL ERP

2. Edit the invoice printing template

For invoices, you must update the invoice template. This is required to avoid unassigned payments or billing for the wrong accounts. The bank details to be used and the reason for payment are sent by the plugin as payment info and order attributes.

For invoices, insert the following DotLiquid code in the invoice print template.

Ihre Daten für die Überweisung:

Empfänger: {{ Vorgang.Attribute | Replace: '^.*unzer_account_holder=(.*?)(\||$).*','$1' }}
IBAN: {{ Vorgang.Attribute | Replace: '^.*unzer_iban=(.*?)(\||$).*','$1' }}
BIC: {{ Vorgang.Attribute | Replace: '^.*unzer_bic=(.*?)(\||$).*','$1' }}

Betrag: {{ Vorgang.Gesamtbetrag }}
Verwendungszweck: {{ Vorgang.Attribute | Replace: '^.*unzer_transaction_descriptor=(.*?)(\||$).*','$1' }}

Bitte beachten: Geben Sie bitte nur den Verwendungszweck an, andernfalls können wir Ihre Zahlung nicht zuordnen.
Die Rechnung ist bei Erhalt und ohne Abzug fällig. Bitte überweisen Sie den Gesamtbetrag schuldbefreiend auf das oben genannte Konto.

3. Create payment attributes

The payment information (if any) about transactions is updated from the plugin in the payment attributes. Create these attributes in Verkauf > Auftragsattribute so that you can also view them on orders.

ERP configuration crating payment attributes

unzer_ibanThe IBAN of the Unzer account to which the customer must transfer their money.
unzer_bicThe BIC of the Unzer account to which the customer must transfer their money.
unzer_transaction_descriptorThe purpose of use of Unzer, which the customer must specify on bank transfers.
unzer_account_holderThe account holder of the Unzer account
unzer_short_idTechnical ID of the transaction from Unzer, which can be used in the Insight Portal to find the transaction.
unzer_payment_idPayment ID from Unzer
unzer_payment_type_idPayment method ID
unzer_rate_pdf_linkLink to the PDF with the information about the installment plan for the customer.
unzer_rate_total_amountTotal amount of the installment
unzer_rate_total_purchase_amountOrder amount of the installment
unzer_rate_total_interest_amountInterest amount of the installment

4. Create workflows for Unzer Invoice and Unzer Invoice Secured

For the payment methods Unzer Rechnung and Unzer Ratenkauf, you need the invoice number to finalize the order during shipping. Because JTL-Wawi does not sent the invoice number in the online store comparison. You must set up a workflow for sending the invoice details. The invoice number is then sent to the plugin when an invoice is created.

  1. Go to Admin > JTL Workflows, and then Workflowverwaltung.
  2. Create a new workflow for the Auslösende Ereignis > Rechnung > Erstellt and specify the details.

ERP creating payment attributes

Workflow conditions

The workflow must have the following conditions:

Make sure that the One condition met option is enabled for conditions.

Auftrag.Zahlungsart.NameequalUnzer Rechnung
Auftrag.Zahlungsart.NameequalUnzer Ratenkauf

Workflow Actions

  1. Create a new “Web Request (POST)” action for the workflow with the following options:

    Parameterattrs={{ Vorgang.Auftrag.Attribute }}&invoice_id={{ Vorgang.Rechnungsnummer }}&invoice_date={{ Datum.Gestartet }}
    Replace {IHRE_SHOP_URL} with the URL where your online store can be reached.
  2. Add the value by clicking the “” button.

If you update the value in the input field and it is not grayed out, the variables are not replaced, but treated as normal text. So, the invoice number is not saved in the store when the workflow is executed and the invoice payment types cannot be finalized.

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