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Learn about various Unzer plugins and the supported payment methods for each of them.

Unzer offers online payment plugins for popular eCommerce solutions. Using the plugins you can start accepting and processing payments without any programming knowledge.

Our plugins support most of the payment methods offered by Unzer and are constantly updated with new versions of the online shop software. They can be customized to match your specific needs and your shop design.

Currently, we offer payment plugins for:

Deprecated plugins

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If you are using Unzer Direct for your integration, go to Unzer Direct integration for a detailed list of plugins and relevant installation steps.

Integration steps

Regardless of which eCommerce solution you use the basic steps to online payments with Unzer are always the same:

  1. Get a test Unzer account
  2. Install and configure the Unzer plugin for your online shop
  3. Test the integration - perform test payments
  4. Get a live Unzer account
  5. Go live—start accepting real payments

Supported payment methods

Below you can see an overview of payment methods supported by each of Unzer plugins.

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