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Learn about various Unzer plugins and the supported payment methods for each of them.


Unzer offers online payment plugins for popular eCommerce solutions. Using the plugins you can start accepting and processing payments without any programming knowledge.

Our plugins support most of the payment methods offered by Unzer and are constantly updated with new versions of the online shop software. They can be customized to match your specific needs and your shop design.

The following is a list of supported shop plugins:

Shopware 6

Latest version: 5.4.0 Released on: August 14, 2023 Supported shop versions:–6.5.x.x

Known issues

  • The remember payment type feature does not distinguish between guest and registered user.
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Shopware 5

Latest version: 1.5.0 Released on: July 20, 2023 Supported shop versions: 5.6.0–5.7.x

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Magento 2

Latest version: 2.2.0 Released on: July 17, 2023 Supported shop versions: 2.4.x onwards

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Latest version: 1.3.0 Released on: August 14, 2023 Supported shop versions: 5.x

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Latest version: 1.1.0 Released on: June 07, 2023 Supported shop versions: v6.3 - v6.5 (CE-EE)

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Latest version: 1.4.0 Released on: September 21, 2023 Supported shop versions: 6.8.2

Known issues


  • For chargeback, the transaction is currently not displayed in Unzer Transactions
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