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Accept Unzer Invoice with server-side-only integration

Build your own payment form to add Unzer Invoice to your checkout page


If you are using payment types invoice or invoice-secured, note that these methods are now deprecated. They are currently supported but there are no further developments planned for them.

If you want to access the relevant documentation, see Unzer Invoice and Unzer Invoice Secured.


With Unzer Invoice you need to provide information about the customer via the customer resource and the purchased products via Basket resource when you make the transaction. This is required for customer assessment and transaction approval. You will also need the customer information to create the invoice document. You are responsible for gathering this data during the checkout.

Before you begin

Step 1: Create a Payment Type resource
server side

When creating the payment type paylater-invoice, you need to send a request to the Unzer API. The response will contain an id , this is later referred to as typeId. You will need this typeId to perform the transaction.

POST https://api.unzer.com/v1/types/paylater-invoice

Currently not supported.
Currently not supported. 

The response looks similar to the following example:

    "id": "s-piv-voi3gcbwinos",
    "method": "/paylater-invoice",
    "recurring": false,
    "geoLocation": {
        "clientIp": "",
        "countryIsoA2": "DE"

For a full description of Unzer Invoice payment type creation, check the API reference.

Next steps

The next steps are the same as for the UI components integration. See Accept Unzer Invoice with UI Components from Step 2 onwards.