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Unzer Invoice

Learn more about Unzer Invoice and its workflow.


If you are using payment types invoice or invoice-secured, note that these methods are now deprecated. They are currently supported but there are no further developments planned for them.

If you want to access the relevant documentation, see Unzer Invoice and Unzer Invoice Secured.


Unzer Invoice is a part of our Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) offering and it’s a convenient payment option. This payment option offers customers a flexible and secure way to shop online or in-store without having to pay upfront which limits the risks for customers. For merchants the BNPL payment options drive conversion and customer satisfaction. With a strong BNPL partner like Unzer, the risks for merchants are equally limited as they are for customers.

The Unzer Invoice product is the classical BNPL product. This allows the customer to buy a product now, but pay after a defined number of days. For merchants, this product guarantees the payout of the full order amount – no matter if the customer pays or not. This risk is covered by Unzer. For merchants, this product guarantees the payout of the full order amount – no matter if the customer pays off the invoice or not. That risk is covered by Unzer.

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  • Ease of use: Customers can easily go through the checkout process by providing basic information, such as their address and date of birth. No additional data or login is required.
  • High level of security: Unzer is covering the risk for both the merchants and the customers. Merchants will get paid out, no matter whether a customer pays or not. Customers can receive the goods before they have to pay.
  • Standardized processes: The Invoice flow is a two-step approach where there is an authorization in the checkout and a capture on shipment. The capture initiates the payout to the merchants and starts the due date for the customers.

Payment workflow

The following diagram explains workflow for Unzer invoice payments.

Unzer Invoice

Step 1: Create a paylater-invoice payment type resource, a customer, and a basket resource.
Resource IDs are generated and returned in the responses and are used in the workflow to complete the payment.
Step 2: Make an authorize call with the paylater-invoice resource, the customer resource, and the basket resource that you created in step 1.
Step 3: After the transaction, display the result (mainly contains the payment information) to the customer in the front end of the online shop.
Step 4: When you ship the order, make a charge call to fullfil the payment. Only after this call you’ll get the payout for your transaction.

Only acknowledged charge transaction calls trigger the payouts for your payments.

Integration options

Quickly integrate with Unzer without any programming knowledge

Use pre-built, configurable all-in-one pages with your own mix of payment methods

Use pre-built forms and quickly integrate with minimum work on the client side

Integrate with Unzer using your own payment form