Unzer Invoice Secured

Learn more about Unzer Invoice Secured and its workflow

Invoice Secured is a very convenient payment method both for merchants and their customers. The merchant ships his goods and the customer pays their order via bank transfer once the goods arrived. Unzer offers to check for received funds and commences matching. If the customer doesn’t pay within a certain timeframe the merchant will receive the funds from Unzer. Additionally Unzer will also send two payment reminders to the customer if he doesn’t pay in a predefined timeframe.

If the customer doesn’t pay after receiving the reminders the claim will be transferred to an insurance company and the merchant will receive the funds from them.

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  • Ease of use: The customer can easily step through the checkout because he will be provided by the merchant’s account number in the end and can send the money via his own bank account.
  • High level of security: Unzer is addressing the usual danger with invoice payments. If the transaction was successful and the shipment transaction has been sent in time, you will receive the funds even if the customer doesn’t send the payment.
  • Supported by all banks offering bank transfer to a German account: The Bank account that Unzer provides as the merchant’s account is in fact a trusted bank account held by Unzer.

Payment workflow

The following diagram explains workflow for Unzer invoice-secured payments.

Unzer Invoice Secured

Step 1: Create a invoice-secured payment type resource.

A resource ID is generated in the response and is used in the workflow to complete the payment.

Step 2: Make a charge transaction with the invoice-secured resource that you created.

Step 3: After the transaction, display the result (mainly contains the payment information) to the customer in the front end of the online shop.

Step 4: Add payment details on invoice


Step 5: After the goods are shipped a shipment call needs to be placed to activate the insurance.

Integration options


Quickly integrate with Unzer without any programming knowledge

Payment pages

Use pre-built, configurable all in one pages with your own mix of payment methods

UI Components

Use pre-built forms and quickly integrate with minimum work on the client side

Own UI

Integrate with Unzer using your own payment form.

Accept Unzer Invoice Secured with UI components

Use Unzer UI component to add Unzer Invoice Secured payment to your checkout page.

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Accept Unzer Invoice Secured with own UI

Build your own payment form to add Unzer Invoice Secured to your checkout page

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Manage Unzer Invoice Secured payment

Manage Unzer Invoice Secured payments for your customers

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