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Unzer Direct Debit

Learn more about Unzer Direct Debit and its payment workflow.

Direct debit is one of the most popular online payment method mainly used in Germany and Austria. The customer only requires their IBAN for making a payment. You do not need a redirect and SCA for using this payment method.

Available in Supported currencies Redirect Refund Partial Refund Reversal Chargeback Recurring Payout Pay later Unzer Secured
all SEPA countries cross tick tick cross tick tick tick cross cross


  • Ease of use: The customer has to enter only their IBAN to start a transaction.
  • Wide acceptance: Customers are used to paying by direct debit in Germany and Austria, the main markets for that payment method.
  • Supported by all banks in SEPA countries

Payment workflow

The following diagram explains workflow for SEPA direct debit payments.

Unzer Direct Debit workflow

Step 1: Create a SDD payment type resource.

A resource ID is generated in the response and is used in the workflow to complete the payment.

Step 2: Make a charge transaction with the SDD resource that you created.

Step 3: After the transaction, display the result to the customer in the front end of the online shop.

Integration options

Quickly integrate with Unzer without any programming knowledge

Use pre-built, configurable all-in-one pages with your own mix of payment methods

Use pre-built forms and quickly integrate with minimum work on the client side

Integrate with Unzer using your own payment form