Manage Unzer Direct Debut Secured payment

Manage Unzer Direct Debit Secured payments.

After the successful charge transaction, you can perform additional operations on the payment resource. Below you can see the most important cases for the Unzer Direct Debit Secured payment type. For a full reference of managing payments, see the relevant server-side integration documentation page: Manage API resources (direct API calls), Manage API resources (PHP SDK), or Manage API resources (Java SDK).

Cancel after payment (refund)

You can refund up to the amount of the received payment. To do this you have to make a cancel transaction on the charge transaction.

  "amount" : "12.450",
  "paymentReference": "Test cancel transaction"
$unzer = new Unzer('s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx');
$charge = $unzer->fetchChargeById('s-pay-1', 's-chg-1');
$cancel = $charge->cancel();
Unzer unzer = new Unzer(new HttpClientBasedRestCommunication(), "s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx");
Charge charge = unzer.fetchChargeById("s-pay-1", "s-chg-1");
Cancel cancel = charge.cancel();