Accept Unzer Direct Debit Secured with server-side-only integration

Build your own payment form to add Unzer Direct Debit Secured payment to the checkout page


Unzer Direct Debit Secured payment method works similarly to Unzer Direct Debit, it too requires the customer to input their IBAN on the merchants website. You can see an example of the Unzer Direct Debit Secured component on our demo page.

In order for the insurance provider to properly insure a payment, a customer resource should be passed along with the payment request. If you don’t already have a customer resource available, you can create an Unzer Direct Debit Secured UI with a customer form attached.

Before you begin

Step 1: Create a Payment Type resource
server side

Data for the payment type:

Payment data Description
iban (required) The IBAN of the customer

When creating the payment type Unzer Direct Debit Secured, you need to send a request to the Unzer API. The response contains an id , this is later referred to as typeId. You will need this typeId to perform the transaction.

POST https://api.unzer.com/v1/types/sepa-direct-debit-secured

// get the IBAN from your payment form.
$unzer = new Unzer('s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx', SupportedLocale::GERMAN_GERMAN);
$dss= $unzer->createPaymentType(new SepaDirectDebitSecured($iban));
// get the IBAN from your payment form.
Unzer Unzer = new Unzer("s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx");
SepaDirectDebitSecured sepaDirectDebitSecured1 = new SepaDirectDebitSecured(iban);

The response looks similar to the following example:

    "id": "s-dds-e37mxcqfq3jo",
    "method": "sepa-direct-debit-secured",
    "recurring": false,
    "geoLocation": {
        "clientIp": "",
        "countryIsoA2": "AT"
    "iban": "DE89370400440532013000",
    "bic": "COBADEFFXXX",
    "holder": ""

For a full description of Unzer Instalment payment type creation check API reference.

Next steps

The next steps are the same as for the UI components integration. See Accept Unzer Invoice with UI Components from Step 2 onwards.