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Payment methods

Learn about various features of payment methods and the transactions they support.

Unzer allows you to accept payments both online and in physical shop. Below you will find details on the supported online payment methods, their features and ways to integrate them in your online shop.

Payment flow

This is a way to classify payment methods from the user experience perspective.

There are two possible scenarios: in the first one, the transaction is completed without the customer leaving your (merchant) website. Payment details are collected from the customer and submitted to Unzer by you. Examples of such payment methods are: Unzer Direct Debit and Unzer Invoice. In the second scenario, after collecting payment details from the customer, you redirect them to an external website on which they need to verify/complete the payment. These payment methods are called redirect payment methods. Examples of such payment methods are: Card, PayPal, Sofort.

In case of Unzer Invoice (including Unzer Invoice Secured and Unzer Prepayment), the actual payment (customer transferring the money) happens out of your online checkout but the buying—contract closing is done without the customer leaving your website.

Payment features

On top of the essentials like Refund, Reversal, and Subscription, selected payment methods provided by Unzer enable you to better support B2B transactions (through Pay later feature), insure your payments (through Secured feature).

Unzer Secured

Unzer Secured payment methods guarantee that you (merchant) receive the money for the sold goods or services, no matter if the customer pays or not. We assume the entire customer default risk.

Pay later

Payment methods with Pay later feature allow your customers to pay on account (Unzer Invoice) or in installments (Unzer Installment). In case of Unzer Invoice and Unzer Installment you are also guaranteed to receive the money no matter if the customer pays or not.

Subscription (recurring)

Payment methods supporting subscriptions allow you to store customer payment details and automatically debit their account in regular intervals. Irregular automatic debits are also supported - this could be used for automatic top-ups of paid services, for example.

One-click payment (recurring)

This feature allows you to store customer payment details during the first purchase and provide them during subsequent check-outs, making the experience faster and more convenient for returning customers.


Payout feature allows you to credit the customer account directly, without any reference to previous transactions. Some use cases include payouts for lottery wins, insurance payments, and online gaming.


When the customer returns full or parts of the order, you need to return the appropriate amount to their account. This is called refund. This is the most basic payment feature supported by all payment methods.


When the customer cancels an order that has not yet been charged (captured), for example when the goods were ordered but not yet shipped or service ordered and not yet delivered, you should cancel the initial authorization - this is called reversal.


Payment methods supporting chargeback enable the customer to request their issuing bank for the return of funds whenever there’s a dispute over a refund between you and the customer or if there is a fraudulent use of the customers card or account and the issuing bank is charging the amount back.

Supported payment methods matrix

Payment methodAvailable for customers inCurrenciesRedirectRefundReversalChargebackRecurringPayoutPay laterUnzer Secured
AlipayAll countriesEUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, HKD, SGDticktickcrosscrosscrosscrosscrosscross
Apple PayAll countriesAllcrosstickticktickcrosscrosscrosscross
CardAll countriesAll-ticktickticktickcrosscross
Google PayAll countriesAlltickticktickticktickcrosscrosscross
KlarnaDenmark, Finland, Norway, SwedenEUR, SEK, DKK, NOKticktickticktickcrosscrosstickcross
PaypalInternational (All countries)All major currenciestickticktickticktick *crosscrosscross
PayUCzech Republic, PolandCZK, PLNticktickcrosscrosscrosscrosscrosscross
PostFinance cardSwitzerlandCHFticktickcrosstickcrosscrosscrosscross
PostFinance eFinanceSwitzerlandCHFticktickcrosscrosscrosscrosscrosscross
Przelewy24PolandEUR, PLNticktickcrosscrosscrosscrosscrosscross
SofortAustria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, SwitzerlandEUR, CHFticktickcrosscrosscrosscrosscrosscross
Unzer Direct Debit (Direct Debit)Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, SpainEURcrosstickticktickticktickcrosscross
Direct Debit SecuredAustria, GermanyEURcrosstickticktickcrosscrossticktick
Unzer InstallmentAustria, Germany, SwitzerlandEUR, CHFcrossticktickcrosscrosscrossticktick
Unzer InvoiceAustria, Germany, Switzerland, NetherlandsEUR, CHFcrossticktickcrosscrosscrossticktick
Unzer PrepaymentAustria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, SpainEURcrossticktickcrosscrosstickcrosscross

*with approval from PayPal

Supported Unzer API transactions

Below you can see an overview from the Unzer API perspective - how the payment methods are referred to (payment type and the prefix), and what transaction types they support. For more information on each transaction type, go to the relevant server-side integration documentation page: Manage API resources (direct API calls), Manage API resources (PHP SDK), Manage API resources (Java SDK).

Payment methodPayment typePrefixAuthorizeChargeCancel authorizeCancel chargeShipment
Apple Pay/types/ApplePayaplticktickticktickcross
Google Pay/types/cardgopticktickticktickcross
PostFinance card/types/post-finance-cardpfccrosstickcrosstickcross
PostFinance eFinance/types/post-finance-efinancepfecrosstickcrosstickcross
Unzer Direct Debit (Direct Debit)/types/sepa-direct-debitsddcrosstickcrosstickcross
Direct Debit Secured/types/paylater-direct-debitpddticktickticktickcross
Unzer Installment/types/paylater-installmentpitticktickticktickcross
Unzer Invoice/types/paylater-invoicepivticktickticktickcross
Unzer Prepayment/types/prepaymentppycrossautomaticallycrosstickcross
WeChat Pay/types/WeChatPaywcpcrosstickcrosstickcross

Deprecated payment methods

The following payment methods are now deprecated:

Payment methodAvailable for customers inCurrenciesRedirectRefundReversalChargebackRecurringPayoutPay laterUnzer Secured
Unzer Direct Debit SecuredAustria, GermanyEURcrossticktickcrosscrosstickticktick
Unzer InvoiceAustria, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, SpainEURcrossticktickcrosscrossticktickcross
Unzer Invoice SecuredAustria, GermanyEURcrossticktickcrosscrosstickticktick
Unzer InstallmentAustria, GermanyEURtickticktickcrosscrosstickticktick

Supported transactions matrix for the deprecated payment methods

Payment methodPayment typePrefixAuthorizeChargeCancel authorizeCancel chargeShipment
Unzer Direct Debit Secured/types/sepa-direct-debit-securedddscrosstickcrossticktick
Unzer Invoice/types/invoiceivccrossautomaticallycrosstickcross
Unzer Invoice Secured/types/invoice-securedivscrossautomaticallycrossticktick
Unzer Installment/types/installment-securedinscrossautomaticallycrossticktick

Integration options

You can integrate online payments in your checkout using: plugins for popular eCommerce shopping solutions, ready-made Payment pages and UI components provided by Unzer, and the Pay by link feature. You can also build your own payment formand connect it to Unzer API. Learn more about online payments integration.

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