The Unzer API connects your business to the Unzer payment infrastructure.

About the Unzer API

The Unzer API:

  • Is based on the representational state transfer (REST) architectural style.
  • Accepts requests made with standard HTTP methods.
  • Sends a response with a JSON payload that contains detailed information about the requested resource.
  • Uses HTTP basic authentication (BA) over HTTPS, with your API key serving as a username.

For more details, go to About the Unzer API.

Integration options

You can integrate the Unzer API into your workflow in a lot of different ways.

Direct API communication

Accept payments through direct communication with the Unzer API:

UI components

Accept payments through UI components created by Unzer:

Payment pages

Accept payments through customizable payment pages prepared by Unzer:


Check out our SDKs:

Next steps

Let us show you around the Unzer API!

Step 1: Get your credentials

First, sign your Unzer contract and get your credentials:

Step 2: Read the quickstart guide

Read our quickstart guide, to quickly learn how the Unzer API works:

Step 3: Follow our tutorials

See the list of our supported payment methods, and follow individual tutorials to implement the methods you need:

Step 4: Check the API reference

Get all the API reference information you need, from a single page:

Step 5: Analyze your data

After you start accepting real-life payments, log in to the Unzer Insights portal and analyze your data:

Plugin release roadmap

To make accepting payments easier, Unzer is constantly working on new plugins and integrations.

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