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Platform Operator & Marketplaces

Learn how to manage transactions as a platform operator and marketplace merchant.

Marketplaces are specific platforms offered by operators where sellers (marketplace participants) can register to sell their goods, services, content through this kind of platform and enhance their Sales channel.

Consumers can easily purchase on one website from different sellers in one purchase flow.

This leads to a certain complexity when it comes to payments which is mainly based on mixed baskets. A mixed basket is an order which contains items from different sellers.

The Unzer marketplace API is handling the complexity in the background.

This API is an enhancement of the generic Unzer API with the difference that the basket data is now mandatory to handle these mixed baskets. The basket data specifies clearly the items split by the seller that finally leads to a proper payment handling in the background. By this we make sure to have an optimal customer journey on one hand and a payout / settlement process for the operator and/or sellers on the other.

Order creation, immediate payment and refunds are handled by the specific logic driven by the basket data that you provide.

To learn more, see Marketplace Basket