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Integrate using payment pages

Accept payments using customizable payment page prepared by Unzer.

Payment page is a ready-made webpage that allows you to offer your customers a variety of payment methods without implementing each one of them separately. This makes it one of the quickest ways to integrate.

With a payment page, the data of your customer is secure and forms are carefully designed and optimized, displayed correctly in all major browsers. You don’t need to update your code when there’s a new browser version—Unzer takes care of that.

The payment page is customizable, enabling you to add your own branding, matching corporate style, or personal preferences.

You can test configurable payment page examples on our demo page.

Comparison of Embedded and Hosted Payment Page

There are two types of payment pages: Embedded Payment Page (EPP) and Hosted Payment Page (HPP). The EPP displays payment options directly in your online shop using a website overlay, while HPP shows them on an external webpage hosted by Unzer.

The following table compare the EPP and HPP:

Feature Embedded payment page Hosted payment page Link Pay page
Hosting location Hosted on your site Hosted by Unzer Hosted by Unzer
Implementation effort Medium Easy Easy
Customization options Simple customization is possible Advanced customization is possible Simple customization is possible
Customer experience After selecting the Pay button, the customer can see the payment page open as an overlay on the current website.

The customer sees your company branding and stays on your company’s URL.
After selecting the Pay button, the customer is redirected to the payment page hosted by Unzer.
The customer sees your company branding but on Unzer’s URL.
After selecting the Pay button, a link is created that the customer can use to make the payment.

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