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Online payments

Accept payments with cards, bank transfers, wallets, and other global and local payment methods.

To accept online payments, you need to connect your shop with Unzer using one of the available solutions.

Choose an integration option

You can integrate with our payment system in several different ways: using plugins, with pre-built UI components or configurable payment page. You can also build your own UI or perform server to server communication only.

The quickest way to integrate with Unzer without programming knowledge. Available for popular eCommerce solutions.

Pre-built, configurable all-in-one pages combining your chosen mix of payment methods.

Pre-built, customizable payment forms. A convenient way to integrate with minimum work on the client-side.

If you want full control over payment form look and behavior you can build your own UI and connect with the Unzer API on the server-side.

Manage payments

After you have finished the basic integration and can accept payments, you can perform various operations on them, such as checking the status, submitting products and customer information, and refunding. These operations can be implemented through the Unzer API using one of the supported server side technologies.

Manage API resources (direct API calls)

Learn how to manage API resources using direct API calls

Manage API resources (PHP SDK)

Learn how to manage API resources using Unzer PHP SDK.

Manage API resources (Java SDK)

Learn how to manage API resources using Unzer Java SDK

Regardless of your server side choice please read Server side integrations page first and check the Unzer API basics.


To accept card payments, you need to meet certain data security related standards required by the Payment Card Industry organization and the European Union. These are commonly known as PCI compliance and PSD2 compliance.

Learn more about Compliance

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