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The API reference is now available here.
The deprecated API reference is available here.


Unzer Invoice payment method

April 12, 2022

We have released the Unzer Invoice payment method that will now replace Unzer Invoice and Unzer Invoice Secured payment methods.

With the new Unzer Invoice payment method, we have introduced a state-of-the-art process flow. This flow follows the two-step approach, and it helps merchants to easily integrate our payment methods. Now, we also offer a portal for customers to manage their invoice payments which can be branded in the merchant’s brand and style.

In the future, we’ll introduce several new API calls that will include improvements, such as better customer experience and refund handling, to fit the Unzer Invoice product perfectly into the merchant’s processes.

If you are using payment types invoice or invoice-secured, note that these methods are now deprecated. They are currently supported but there are no further developments planned for them.

If you want to access the documentation for your existing implementation, see Unzer Invoice and Unzer Invoice Secured.