Server-to-server integration

Read about server-to-server integration.

This integration is used if you only communicate from your server to our server. Most likely you will combine the server to server integration with other integration options based on the payment type.

Creditcard payments are subject to specific regulations published by the PCI council. You are not allowed to transfer creditcards directly from your server to our server unless you are fully PCI DSS certified. If you want to do creditcard payments server to server please contact our support. They will ask you for your AOC document and will flag you as PCI DSS compliant.

Create /types resources

Normally you will create types resources within the browser or mobile client, but it is also possible to create these resources from your server with your private key:

curl -X POST \
  -u s-pub-xxxxxxxxxx:
Unzer Unzer = new Unzer("s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx");
Sofort sofort = heidelpayInstance.createPaymentType(new Sofort());
// empty
const Unzer = new Unzer('s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx');
const sofort = await unzer.createPaymentType(new Sofort());
$Unzer = new Unzer('s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx', SupportedLocale::GERMAN_GERMAN);
$sofort = $Unzer->createPaymentType(new Sofort());

There are several payment types where you do not need to provide parameter to the payment type. In this case it may be easier for you to create these payment types server to server. You find all the details within the API reference.