Android integration

Check out our Android SDK.

The Unzer SDK for Android is provided in the Maven Central repository. This guide shows you how to integrate the SDK in your Android project.

Android Project Requirements
The Unzer Android framework supports Android 5.0 / API Level 21. If you want to integrate the SDK in an earlier Android version please get in contact with the technical support. We are happy to help.

1. Add the SDK to your project

Adding the Unzer Android SDK to your Android Studio or IntelliJ project is easy. In the build.gradle file of your app module (not the project gradle file) add the following line in the dependencies section.


implementation 'com.heidelpay:heidelpay-android:1.0.0'

As soon as you build your project the AAR file which contains the SDK is downloaded and added to your project.

Make also sure that the Maven Central repository is part of your (project) build.gradle file.

build.gradle (2)

repositories {

2. Verify that the Unzer SDK is added

You can verify that the SDK was added by opening a Java file in your project and import the Unzer SDK.

// import of the Unzer Android SDK 

// test code to see if the symbols of the SDK are available
Heidelpay heidelpay;

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