Mobile app integration

Check out our mobile SDK.

Unzer provides a mobile SDK for iOS integration and Android integration. The mobile SDK is the perfect companion to our suite of server side SDKs and makes it easy to integrate all kind of payment system in a great looking and secure mobile App.

In order to understand the functionality of the mobile SDK and how it fits in the whole system it’s important to have the System Architecture in mind.


System Architecture Components

Mobile Client

The mobile App that includes the Unzer mobile SDK. All security relevant payment information are directly send to the Unzer server in order to be secure and PCI complaint. The mobile SDK uses the Public Key provided by Unzer.

Merchant Server

Your server part that provides various services for your application and talks through the server side Unzer SDK with the Unzer backend. All charges and payment authorisations are triggered from the server by using the Private Key provided by Unzer.

Unzer server

The Unzer backend is responsible for fulfilling your charge and authorisation requests and talks directly to the various payment provider (credit card, …). You should always communicate through the our SDKs with our system.

Payment Provider

You don’t communicate directly with the Payment Provider. For some payment requests the Unzer SDK will require you to open a web view to show more details to your customer (e.g. Mastercard 3DS, Paypal, …).

Mobile SDK Functionality

  1. Secure Payment Information transfer

The main purpose of the mobile SDK is the secure transfer of customer payment information to the Unzer server. For security reasons it’s necessary that non of the critical information is transferred to your own server as it would require a PCI compliance of your server systems.

  1. User Interface Components

Ready to use Interface Components for entering Credit Card information and other Payment Information make it easy to build a great user interface for the payment part of your mobile app.

iOS integration

Check out our iOS SDK.

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Android integration

Check out our Android SDK.

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Using the Mobile SDK

Check out our mobile SDK.

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