Get credentials

Get your Unzer API credentials.

Sign your contract

To get your Unzer API credentials, sign your Unzer contract.

Get your keys

After you sign your Unzer contract, you receive four API keys:

  • Your sandbox public key (e.g. s-pub-xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Your sandbox private key (e.g. s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Your production public key (e.g. p-pub-xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Your production private key (e.g. p-priv-xxxxxxxxxx)

Your API keys are configured with permissions valid for your specific account. They are tied to you as a merchant.

Check your keys' configuration

To check what permissions your API keys have, make a GET call with your private key listed in the request body, to one of the following resources:

  • keypair
  • keypair/types
curl \
  -u s-priv-xxxxxxxxxx:
  "publicKey" : "s-pub-xxxxxxxxxx",
  "privateKey" : "3b04ee56d6ba0c68562deea645032d180f6007046eaa3efaa19360983b383bb6",
  "availablePaymentTypes" : [ "invoice-secured", "PIS", "sofort", "prepayment", "sepa-direct-debit-secured", "paypal", "EPS", "sepa-direct-debit", "ideal", "invoice", "przelewy24", "card", "giropay" ]

For details, go to: Check your API keys.

Keep your private key safe

Your private key has multiple permissions. Make sure you keep it safe.

Never make your private key accessible on the web.

Compromised private key
If your private key has been compromised, contact us to change it.