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Get a live account

Get a live account and start accepting payments.

Step 1: Offer & contracting

Before we can onboard you, we require more information about your business and your specific payment requirements. You can also contact our Sales department for further support.

Once we have received the request, a dedicated Sales Manager will contact you to align on topics including industry, required solution, payment methods, volumes, and ticket sizes. After this, you will receive a customized offer for your dedicated setup.

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If you already have a test account, contact your Account Manager to continue with the onboarding process.

After receiving the signed offer, our Business Operations team sends you the contract package along with information on all the necessary Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents (such as commercial registration, passport copies, and shareholder information).

If something is missing or outdated, Business Operations will inform you accordingly and assist you during the onboarding process.

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Some business/industries are excluded from using our services. Contact your Sales Manager for information.

Step 2: Risk & compliance checks

After successful review of all submitted documents, our onboarding and risk department will conduct further risk and compliance checks and trigger the live setup. If further clarification is required, Business Operations will get in contact with you.

Step 3: Sign the contract

After verifying the documents and other checks, you can sign the contract with Unzer.

Step 4: Create Unzer Insights live account

After your live account is set up, you will receive an email from Unzer Insights. This starts the registration process for the live version of the application. Some of the operations that you can manage using Unzer Insights are:

  • monitor your executed live transactions
  • manage live transactions
  • create and manage reports
  • view statistics on the dashboard
  • create additional users to access the portal

Learn more about Unzer Insights

Step 5: Get live API keys

All transactions are authenticated using the API keys. These are available in Unzer Insights. Using your live API keys, you will be able to perform live transactions and accept real-time payments. Learn more about Authentication

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