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Start using the Unzer API.

This documentation includes solutions for ecommerce—accepting and managing online payments. If you want to integrate Point Of Sale and MOTO, contact our Sales department.

Unzer Direct integration
This documentation does not cover Unzer Direct integrations. If you are searching for Unzer Direct integrations guide, go to Unzer Direct integration.

Get a test account

In order to prepare a proper test account for you we need some information from you. With the test account you will be able to perform transactions and test your payment integrations safely. Learn more about getting a test account.

Build your integration

  • Check the payment use cases. They will help you match your specific business needs with the electronic payments world and Unzer, giving you a generic understanding of payment flows regardless of the payment method.
  • Check payment methods and their features. Make sure your chosen payment methods meet your requirements and use cases.
  • Check available integration options. We offer different options with varying levels of effort required and control/customization possibilities. You can build your integration using one of our integration guides.
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You can also refer to the Q&A section here to decide which option would best suit your business requirements.

Test your integration

Test your integration to make sure all the relevant use cases work as expected. Use the specific test data for each payment method.

Get a live account

After receiving the required information and documentation about your business, we will perform the mandatory compliance and risk checks and prepare the customized integration for you. Once the contract is signed, you will receive access to the live account in Unzer Insights and your live credentials, which allows to make the real-time payments. Learn more about getting a live account.

Go live

With the integration complete and configuration updated, you will be ready to accept real payments.

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Get a test account

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