Supported payment methods

The payment types supported by Unzer API and the supported transactions of each type are described in the table below.

If you want to see how the UI components look like and work with each payment, you can find good examples on the Unzer demo page.

payment type Prefix authorize charge cancel authorize cancel charge shipment
/types/card crd yes yes yes yes no
/types/sepa-direct-debit sdd no yes no yes no
/types/sepa-direct-debit-secured dds no yes no yes yes
/types/invoice ivc no automatically no yes no
/types/invoice-secured ivs no automatically no yes yes
/types/paypal ppl yes yes no yes no
/types/sofort sft no yes no yes no
/types/giropay gro no yes no yes no
/types/przelewy24 p24 no yes no yes no
/types/ideal idl no yes no yes no
/types/prepayment ppy no automatically no yes no
/types/pis pis no yes no yes no
/type/eps eps no yes no yes no
/types/post-finance-card pfc no yes no yes no

Payment type ID

The payment type ID (referred to as type ID in short) is the ID you receive after executing a (successful) create type call. Depending on the payment type, it stores different information within. You can execute a GET call on a specific type ID to see it’s contents.

This is how a typical payment type ID looks like - it consists of 3 parts: s-crd-wln5j3zcmjzi We’ve used a card type in this example, as you can see the 3 parts are clearly separated with delimiters (in our case hyphens -).

  • s - this part specifies if the type was created in sandbox (s) or production (p) mode.
  • crd - this part specifies the used payment type itself, in this case it’s a card
  • wln5j3zcmjzi - this is the ID to uniquely identify the payment type

Geo Location

After successfully creating a payment type you’re not only going to receive the type ID and information, you’re also going to get a geoLocation object. The geoLocation object consists of:

  • clientIp
  • countryCode

The clientIp will show you the current IP address of the customers device used during the payment process. The countryCode displays the country associated with that IP address in IsoA2 country code format.

Creating payment types

Example /types/sepa-direct-debit:

  "iban" : "DE89370400440532013000"

Retrieve an existing payment method

To retrieve a payment type, simply execute a GET call onto a specified type:




  "id": "s-crd-elwtutgo3msu",
  "method": "card",
  "recurring": false,
  "number": "401288******1881",
  "brand": "VISA",
  "3ds": false,
  "cvc": "***",
  "expiryDate": "01/2023",
  "cardDetails": {
    "cardType": "INFINITE",
    "account": "CREDIT",
    "countryIsoA2": "CA",
    "countryName": "CANADA",
    "issuerName": "",
    "issuerUrl": "",
    "issuerPhoneNumber": ""

For more information see GET payment type

Updating a payment method

It’s possible to update certain payment methods after they’ve been created. Here’s a quick overview of all updatable payment methods.

Unzer Bank Transfer

Unzer Bank Transfer lets your customers pay directly from their bank account.

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Unzer Direct Debit

Unzer Direct Debit lets you accept payments in euro.

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Unzer Direct Debit Secured

Unzer Direct Debit Secured lets you accept payments in euro and secures your money.

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Unzer Prepayment

Unzer Prepayment lets you collect the payment before sending the goods to your customer.

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Unzer Instalment

Unzer Instalment lets your customers pay in monthly payments.

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Unzer Invoice

Unzer Invoice lets you issue an invoice and then collect the payment.

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Unzer Invoice Secured

Unzer Invoice Secured lets you issue an invoice and then collect the payment, your payment is secured.

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Bancontact is a Belgian company that offers user-friendly solutions for easy everyday shopping experience.

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Credit cards and debit cards are the most common payment method in e-commerce.

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Bulk payment (PayByFile API)

With bulk payments, you can accept multiple payments at once.

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Electronic Payment Standard (EPS) is an online payment system used in Austria.

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Alipay is China’s leading third-party mobile and online payment solution.

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Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a popular mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by Apple.

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Giropay is an online payment method used in Germany.

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iDEAL is the most popular method for online payments in the Netherlands.

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PayPal is one of the world’s most popular online payment systems.

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Przelewy24 is an online payment method used in Poland.

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Sofort is an online payment method used in select European countries.

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WeChat Pay

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PostFinance Card

PostFinance Card is a debit card used for online payments in Switzerland.

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PostFinance e-finance

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