Cancel charges

Transfers money from the merchant to the customer. This is also called a Refund. Refunds are executed on specific charges. It is possible to do several refunds on one charge. A cancel on a charge is possible for all payment types.

Refund on payment
It is NOT possible to do a refund on the payment resource itself.
  "amount" : "10.00",
  "paymentReference": "Test cancel transaction"
curl -X POST \
  -u s-priv-2a102ZMq3gV4I3zJ888J7RR6u75oqK3n: \
  -d amount=1.00

Request / Response

Cancel charges calls are described in the API reference.

    "id": "s-cnl-1",
    "isSuccess": true,
    "isPending": false,
    "isError": false,
    "message": {
        "code": "COR.000.100.112",
        "customer": "Request successfully processed in 'Merchant in Connector Test Mode'"
    "amount": "50.0000",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "paymentReference": "Test cancel transaction",
    "date": "2018-09-24 22:06:41",
    "resources": {
        "customerId": "s-cst-e769ddae5686",
        "paymentId": "s-pay-6986",
        "basketId": "",
        "metadataId": "",
        "typeId": "s-crd-qfisvuhm3jog"
    "processing": {
        "uniqueId": "31HA07BC81AB33BC5F44A2659D5E80FC",
        "shortId": "4017.5320.1722"

The parameters isSuccess, isPending, isError indicate the result of the payment. Only one of these three can be true.

Status parameter Description
isSuccess The cancelation call was executed successfully.
isPending Never happens.
isError Something went wrong. You’ll also find a news section that describes in more detail what the trouble was.
Name Format Description
id string ID of this cancelation transaction
isSuccess string If the transaction was successful the value is set to true.
isPending string Never happens for cancelation transaction.
isError string If an error occurs, this value is set to true.
message object
message.code string Every error returns a unique id.
message.customer string Error message for the customer. Translated into the language specified in the Accept language header.
message.merchant string Error message for the merchant. This message always appears in English.
amount string The amount to be shipped on the specified account. The amount is in decimal form, e.g. EUR 1.22.
currency string(3) ISO currency code: For a list of possible codes, see: Amounts and Currencies
returnUrl string Always empty, due to cancelation is not required to be redirected or confirmed payment.
paymentReference string Transaction description.
date date Timestamp of this transaction.
resources object
resources.customerId string Customer ID used for parent charge transaction.
resource.basketId string Basket ID used for parent charge transaction.
resource.metadataId string Meta data ID used for parent charge transaction.
resources.paymentId string ID of the payment object.
resources.typeId string ID of the types resource which was used for parent charge transaction.
processing object
processing.uniqueId string Reference id of the cancelation transaction.
processing.shortId string User-friendly reference ID of the cancelation transaction.
processing.iban string Iban of the merchant in case of prepayment or invoice. In case of direct debit this value contains the customer IBAN.
processing.bic string Bic of the merchant for prepayment or invoice. In the case of a direct debit, this value contains the customer BIC.
processing.identification string This value returns the descriptor for invoice and prepayment.
processing.creatorId string This value returns your creditor id.