Accept payments

Learn how to accept payments with Unzer.

Three ways of accepting payments

With Unzer, you can accept payments in three different ways.

Accept payments with the Unzer API

You can directly communicate with the Unzer API, and present your customer with your own custom UI:

Accept payments with the Unzer UI components

You can implement ready-made Unzer UI components on your website:

Accept payments with a payment page

You can use one of Unzer’s customizable payment pages:

Implement your payment methods

Unzer supports a wide range of modern payment methods. To implement any of them, check our dedicated tutorials:

Manage your payments

Use the Unzer API’s endpoints to manage your payments, send additional information, and more:

  • Authorize an amount: /authorize
  • Charge an amount: /charges
  • Check a payment’s status: /payments
  • Confirm shipping goods to the customer.: /shipments
  • Cancel an authorization or charge: /cancels
  • Send money to your customer: /payouts
  • Charge your customer on a regular basis: /recurring
  • Check your API keypair configuration: /keypair
  • Submit additional customer information within your payment: /customers
  • Submit additional information about the payment itself: /metadata
  • Submit product information within your payment: /baskets
Accept payments with Unzer API

Accept payments through direct communication with the Unzer API.

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Accept payments with Unzer UI

Accept payments through UI components created by Unzer.

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Accept payments with a payment page

Accept payments through customizable payment pages prepared by Unzer.

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Supported payment methods

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Manage payments

Manage your payments with the Unzer API endpoints.

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Unzer Insights

Log in to the Unzer Insights portal and analyze your data.

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